"Commemorative Cufflink Series" 2014

Sterling, Brass, Copper

This series of nine cufflinks were a commission celebrating the life of a beloved pet. The client requested that the cufflinks be designed to represent fond memories of Sonny the coonhound and that they could be worn interchangeably. 

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"Spirograph Cufflinks", 2014

Checkerboard Cut Tiger Eye, Sterling

Another gift for my favorite uncle. But I can make you some too! 

SOLD. ($285) 


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Gear Cufflinks, 2011
Sterling, copper

SOLD. Inspired by these cufflinks? Contact me and I can make you something similar.



Aamir's Cuff, 2011 
Roller printed & riveted sterling & copper

This was made for my uncle, a former civil engineer and impeccable dresser. He wears this cuff everyday to work along with his suit & tie. I think that's pretty awesome.

SOLD. Inspired by this bracelet? Contact me and I can make you something similar.